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Tips For Buyer


First, Free Gifts: It comes with the free gifts of the ropes and sandbags, oxford bag etc once purchase the inflatable arches or tents from my web shop. And all are accessories for the products, so you could worry-free when set it up.

Second, please contact us If you want to thicken the bottom of arch legs and we will thicken the bottoms of the balloon depend on the size.

Third, Printing:

Words printed in white, yellow, or black usually. The production technique is hand screen printed, And the default word is Arial in white. If you have special requirements on the arch, please communicate with customer service before place order. Please check and provide the printing content to us, the arch with printing is customed, so the return is refused according to the return policy in the industry of the inflatable.

The logo composed of simple lines and colors, we will produce it on the raw materials of the arch by the screen printing,while the digital printing will replace it once that the LOGO is with gradient on the colours.Furthermore,2 production Types are for option here.

Type 1: printed LOGO area only and attach the LOGO to the inflated arch. Because the digital logo made on a special print media wich are different from the fabrics of the inflatable arch, the chromatic aberration appear though use the same color or same color number. It is normal on the obvious traces of joints between the LOGO and the arch. But how to make it to be perfect?Type 2: you can put entire arches printed and the LOGO included, the cost group up with the area increasing in digital printing.

Sum it up, the screen printing is cheapest and LOGO part printing is more expensive than the screen printing. It is the most expensive that printing contains the entire arch. So please be sure to make a reasonable option when print LOGO.

Forth, the arch offered in my factory are equipped with air blower in EU standards and American standards, 100V  and 240V air blowers can be installed internally or externally,If you have no special requirements on the air blower, the default is the external air blower.The Inflatable tents packed in the oxford bag,then both inflatable tents and the accessories same as air blower will packaged in cartons. There are 2 cartons usually.

Our inflatable products use polyester ripstop oxford fabric, under normal usage, use lifespan is 2 years,and the air blower come with CE or UL certification. If it happen problems on the product quality, customers can return the goods within 3 days in the case of not using, or exchange new inflatable. We accept to modify and re-produce only on the custom-made inflatable arch customer because we produce it according to your requiements and it belongs to you only.

Fifth, Freight and Transportation.

Freight is based on express courier service from China to your country or region, so if you have a courier account number, please let us know, we will contact the courier department to pick your order up, we will delivery it as soon as possible after your place order.

Sixth, Transportation Description:

Usually we will choose the FedEx, UPS, DHL and other express delivery the inflatable balloons to your door; Calculation start from the date we receive your payment, the goods will be delivered within 10-15 days.

If you need a custom advertising balloon, please contact us freely about it. Likewise, we will help you in the process of the export.