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How To Choose An Inflatable Arch from So Many Chinese Inflatable Suppliers

How To Choose An Inflatable Arch from So Many Chinese Inflatable Suppliers

Europeans and Americans love sports, Citizens sporting events are held every year in almost country and region. Inflatable arches as a lightweight, safe, inexpensive huge product,can play an important role in the sport game sites where are many people. It is very popular for the organizers of the competitive sports.

 Inflatable arches produced in many countries,such as UK, American, etc, while inflatable arch made in China is the cheapest and most competitive. Ace Air Art Group Ltd. as a trusted supplier, unite the most outstanding suppliers in China and will provide the most affordable and good inflatable arches to you.

 Inflatable start finish line archways are very popular for advertising in both abroad and China, but how to choose an inflatable arch from so many Chinese inflatable suppliers, and how to choose one that suits you with good  price  from a Chinese supplier? I think many people feel hard for this situation, Ace Air Art Group Ltd as a manufacturer and trading company in Ganzhou, in special economic development regions of China, with professional designers and excellent experience, and the good news is,we can provide free design for you. In addition, our foreign trading team will provide you with the most sincere and fast service. As well as the inexpensive, high- quality products.

Now, let us learn something more about inflatable arches,and how to distinguish good or bad quality.

How many types of inflatable arch?

Two Types: air leak type and airtight type.

In general, the air leak inflatable arch is made of polyester fabric with PU/PVC coated which are waterproof. The mini holes is remained on the fabric when sewed by the sewing machine. Only the air blower keep running, stand inflated the inflatable arch. It is a lightweight and cheaper type.

 The material of airtight inflatable arch is complete waterproof PVC tarpaulin. It is eco-friendly and thicker. After hot melting by high temperature heat sealing machine. The cuted PVC sheets will join together closely, and then fill air into the balloon by air pump through the valve, the air will keep the balloon inflated for almost a week in the shape of the arch. Pump it again once shrink. However, airtight arch is sensitive to the temperature, especially at noon in the day,or the weather is hot, its expansion is very fierce by itself,while it shrinks at night, and it is normal. So in order to avoid the explosion, don’t filled it so full in hot weather.

 What is the shape of the arch?

The shapes of arch are various, the common arch shape has two, inflatable semicircular arches and inflatable angle arch.

How to check the quality of the inflatable arches?

1,If the supplier use of professional fabric for inflatable made of a qualified manufacturers? Whether the fabric density reached the required standard. And what is the coating of the fabric?

Polyester oxford fabric is common material for air leak arch,while the most common fabrics is 210 D, 300 D, 600 D,etc.The PVC tarpaulin for airtight arch is different in thickness, and the professional inflatable manufacturers use the PVC 0.55 mm in thickness for arch in general.

2,Good air leak arch are made of double stitches,one stitch is inside, and another could be to find at the outer side. The measurement keeps the arch is strong enough.

Whether the connection of 2 PVC sheets are straight on the airtight arch?

 3,The tie position has thickened in the ring parts.The pull rings fixed on both sides.

4,Use or not the thicker fabric on the bottom of arch legs?  Double layers on the bottom is much better for the inflatable arch.

 How to choose the inflatable arch from China suppliers?

       First of all, you should know what the arch will apply to. Is it for the non-electric wild or the place with electrics in the city? Then the arch type will be defined.

       Second, you have to know the specific size of the field the arch will stand. Then determine the width of the arch according to the field. The height of the arch is usually not less than 2 meters so that the athletes can pass through the inflatable arch smoothly. The semi-circular inflatable arch is a standard semicircle,and the arch sizes in our website is the outer size of the arch span. For example, the arch of 10 meters in width, its height will be half of the width, it is 5 meters.

        Sure about the size of the arch, choose the appropriate arch shape from the catalog or website.Send the ready-made pictures to the supplier you inquiry-ed if you have,on the contrary,you can ask the design picture from the supplier. Almost supplier need charges for the design, offered after placing order,while we will offer design before you place the order to us.

        What your LOGO color? For making your logo outstanding from the arch, please avoid using the same color as the logo of the inflatable arch.

        So do you got these, tell me if got any other opinions.